My research

History inspires me. So, I surround myself with history. When I leaf through books about the past, people, places and events come alive in my imagination. I wonder what motivated that action or event? I imagine possible connections and paths. Like Alice, I’m quickly down a research hole, after the white rabbit, surprised when I’m led to unexpected themes that connect past and present.

My approach

I’m inspired by historical events and figures who did something few people know about today that affect or parallel our lives.

As a writer I like to dig deep, to weave a tapestry of image and symbolism, timeless truths and inspiring moments. I love surprises and a feeling of connection with characters whose lives matter so much they touch today’s world.

​My essay in Flirting With Pride & Prejudice describes more completely my writing style. 

My office

Imagine a tiny, Wedgewood blue space, wall-to-wall bookcases and files packed with research fodder, a huge, walnut, newspaper office desk, two dogs like bookends at my feet, a view of the birdbath, and a brass-knobbed, stained-glass door to shut out the modern world.